Types of Body Odor?

Answer When most people think of body odor, they will think of the smell emitted from an individual's armpits after the person has been sweating for a while. This is true, however, there are several diffe... Read More »

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Body Odor Due to Bacterial Growth Inside the Body?

It is normal to experience body odor; however, when the odor emanating from our bodies is foul-smelling and overpowering, the underlying cause should be treated. Also known as bromhidrosis, body od... Read More »

How to Know if One Has Body Odor?

When our nose gets used to a particular smell, we no longer smell it. A good example is the fact that smokers do not notice the smell of cigarettes and smoke on their clothing, hair or in their hom... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Body Odor for Men?

Body odor is embarrassing. The thing with male body odor is it can be caused by so many different things, and not all of them are easy to fix. The secret to tackling a body odor problem and getting... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Body Odor?

It is very embarrassing to be around people and you discover that your deodorant or perfume has failed and you have body odor. The first thing that you might consider doing is running away and hidi... Read More »