Types of Biting Bugs in Phoenix?

Answer Because the climate in Phoenix is exceptionally dry most of the year, problems with biting insects are not as common as they are in places that have more rainfall. Some of the biting insects in the... Read More »

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How to avoid beg bugs from biting me?

Lol..couldn't help giving that comment a thumbs up.Anywho, ahh i hate those things i have battle scars left on me because of thoseNot sure what you can do i don't know if this had anything to do wi... Read More »

Types of Lady Bugs?

Despite their common name, ladybugs belong to a class of beetles called Coccinellidae. There are more than 4,500 known types of lady beetles in existence. Insect researchers continue discovering mo... Read More »

Types of Bore Bugs?

Insect borers can cause serious damage to trees, vegetables and shrubs by burrowing into the structure of the plant and destroying the tissue. Both larvae and adult borers tunnel into plants, and t... Read More »

Different Types of House Bugs?

A variety of bugs enter houses, mainly to seek out food and shelter. These creatures cause a range of problems, including food contamination, allergies, household damage, bug bites on humans and pe... Read More »