Types of Birds: Doves?

Answer Doves and pigeons are actually the same species: the terms are used interchangeably to describe the birds of the Columbidae family. The physical features of doves are a small, round head with a sli... Read More »

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Can diamond doves&full size doves be caged together?

In general, most dove species, including the diamond dove and larger species, are gentle creatures that can be housed together, provided they are given enough space. The American Dove Association r... Read More »

Different Types of Wild Birds?

The different types of wild birds that occur throughout the North American continent display great diversity in their diets, habitats and behaviors. Some are skilled predators, able to kill easily ... Read More »

Types of Large Domestic Birds?

When the average person thinks of a domestic bird, chances are the first thing that comes to mind is a smaller species; something under 6 inches, such as a finch, canary or parakeet. However, there... Read More »

Types of Wild Birds in the Winter in Massachusetts?

Despite the harsh weather that a Massachusetts winter can whip up, many of the birds in the Bay State are year-round residents and do not fly south to avoid such conditions. These hardy birds rely ... Read More »