Types of Berets?

Answer There are many types of berets for men and women in the marketplace. The beret is a soft hat, shaped like a bowl that is normally worn tilted on the head. Berets are typically made out of wool knit... Read More »

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Do green berets parachute?

What Are Bowlers, Bonnets, Beanies & Berets?

People like inventing different styles of hats. As if historically popular varieties such as the top hat and fedora weren't enough, hat designers over the ages have come up with such things as the ... Read More »

Who are better Marines or Army Green Berets?

the green berets by far the marines are on the same level as the US army rangers and it usually the best of the rangers who make the green berets.. but Marine FORCE RECON is on a further level in w... Read More »

Which is more elite - Army Rangers or Green Berets?