Types of Bankruptcy in Canada?

Answer You must live or do business in Canada and be insolvent to go into bankruptcy. Insolvency means you owe at least $1,000, and are not able to meet your debts as they are due to be paid. Three option... Read More »

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Canada Bankruptcy Law?

Bankruptcy provides an alternative for individuals who can no longer pay their debts. By allowing these people to discharge some or all of their past debt, the law gives them a chance to start over... Read More »

Bankruptcy Act in Canada?

It's difficult for individuals and businesses to predict when financial misfortune may hit them in today's ever-changing world economic climate. The Canadian Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act is design... Read More »

What Are the Consequences of Bankruptcy in Canada?

In debt over your head and looking for a way out? Declaring bankruptcy is one option to help you move forward. But before you make that decision, it's important that you're fully aware of all the c... Read More »

What is bankruptcy protection in Canada?

The Canadian government allows residents overburdened by consumer debt to petition for legal debt forgiveness through bankruptcy. However, this decision has several financial implications; also, ba... Read More »