Types of Ball Joints?

Answer Of all the types of ball joints, the most common is the automotive ball joint. It is part of the chassis and consists of the outer housing, the ball stud, bearings, an end cover and a washer or spr... Read More »

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How to Replace Ball Joints?

As a ball joint wears out, it can’t pivot or move vertically well enough to absorb bumps or steer smoothly, If it fails completely, you could lose steering control. If you’ve checked the ball j... Read More »

How to Inspect Ball Joints?

Ball joints are a crucial component in your car's suspension system. They connect pretty much all of the major suspension components, as well as bear a large amount of weight of the vehicle. Their ... Read More »

How to Install BMW Ball Joints?

The only ball joints that can be replaced on a BMW are the lower ball joints. If the upper ball joints need serviced, you will have to change the entire control arm. To complete this project, you w... Read More »

How to Lubricate Ball Joints?

Lubricating ball joints and other chassis components is an important maintenance procedure that should not be ignored during routine oil changes. Many ball joints nowadays are non-serviceable, mean... Read More »