Types of Bacteria in a Dog's Mouth?

Answer The commonly held belief that a dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's mouth is not true--a dog's mouth is filled with different kinds of bacteria, depending on what it has tasted, chewed or ingest... Read More »

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Types of Mouth Bacteria?

According to the World Health Organization, or WHO, approximately five billion people suffer from tooth decay worldwide. Harmful oral bacteria causes most tooth decay. The mouth is home to many typ... Read More »

Bacteria commonly found in the mouth of infants? is your son??? Maybe you should focus on him and his needs and put that in front of how much you can get, "PAID," from this tragedy.

Good Bacteria for Dogs?

According to the Doctors Foster and Smith website, some bacteria are essential for maintaining your dog's health. Such "beneficial bacteria" actually help your dog digest his food, allowing him to ... Read More »

How to Treat Bacteria Infections in Dogs?

As with humans, dogs are prone to getting many different types of bacterial infections. Properly treating the infection requires a firm diagnosis and specific prescription or holistic antibacterial... Read More »