Types of Backflow Preventers?

Answer Getting clean, safe water from the treatment center to your kitchen sink requires more than you think. Water should flow only one way through piping systems, but sometimes reverse flow, or backflow... Read More »

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How do I Get State Backflow Certified?

Backflow testers help prevent the backflow of waste infecting the public water supply. It's imperative that every water supplier within each state employ backflow testers who are well-trained and k... Read More »

Leaking in Sprinkler Backflow Valves?

Backflow prevention devices are designed to keep water inside an irrigation system from running back into the main line. These devices are important safety measures that are required by code in mos... Read More »

Causes of Water Backflow Vacuum Leaks?

Water backflow in residential systems, especially landscape systems, is caused by vacuums that form within your plumbing and draw water back up your hoses and pipes, the opposite direction it is in... Read More »

Backflow Prevention for Lawn Sprinkler Installation?

In almost all states, you are legally required to install a backflow prevention device on your sprinkler system. That's because irrigation water is considered contaminated water, and should not be ... Read More »