Types of Automobile Drive Belts?

Answer Knowing when to replace the drive belt on your car can save you thousands of dollars in repair costs. There is no "quick fix" should your drive belt break from too much wear and tear. Regularly che... Read More »

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Types of Drive Belts?

Drive belts, often referred to as fan belts, are used to transfer rotary motion between two shafts via a series of pulleys. This rotary motion provides power in many engine-mounted accessories, suc... Read More »

Types of Friction Drive Belts?

Friction drive belt systems transmit power through the belt's adherence to a pulley. They are used as an economical option in industrial, automotive and commercial applications. They are very easy ... Read More »

What was the first automobile to have seat belts?

Two models have been identified by the Prevention Institute as having first offered seat belts in 1950. The Nash Ambassador and Nash Statesmen were the first models featuring factory-installed seat... Read More »

What was the first automobile to offer seat belts?

The first automobile to offer seat belts was the Rambler. The seat belt was introduced in the Rambler in 1950. The seat belt was available at that time as an optional feature, rather than a standar... Read More »