Types of Auto Paints?

Answer Painting a car requires planning, a dust-free environment and proper tools for a successful finish. Several types of paint can be used. Some are more toxic than others and require that a higher lev... Read More »

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Different Types of Auto Paints?

Using enamel automobile paint over lacquer paint can cause an unsightly chemical reaction on the outside of your vehicle. A paint such as 2-pack will eat through a top coat of lacquer when there ar... Read More »

How to Use Air Paints for an Auto?

Painting your own vehicle is an activity that could save you a considerable amount of money and, for the enthusiast, be quite enjoyable as well. Before moving forward, you should know that "air" is... Read More »

How to Mix Dupont Auto Paints?

There are many reasons why one may need to mix auto paint. DuPont auto paints can be mixed to create a different color, to lighten an existing color or to darken a color to different shade. It's im... Read More »

How to Mix Omni Auto Paints?

Like all automotive paint, the PPG Omni automotive paints must be mixed to achieve a clean, attractive and durable paint job. Clear, hardener and reducer are the three ingredients that must be mixe... Read More »