Types of Auto Batteries?

Answer The auto battery is synonymous with the lead-acid battery. However, there are other kinds of batteries used for automobiles. Although they are not as popular as the lead-acid, they are steadily gro... Read More »

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How to Restore Auto Batteries?

A lead-acid battery is the most common 12-volt battery found in commercial vehicles and is the heart of the car's electrical system. If your battery is near the end of its life and you don't want ... Read More »

How to Refurbish Auto Batteries?

Auto battery sales in the United States are in the billions of dollars each year. To cut back on environmental waste from the disposal of auto batteries -- and to save a few dollars -- you can refu... Read More »

How to Rebuild Auto Batteries?

You've probably disposed of several "dead" car batteries thinking you can't rebuild them, but in many cases you actually can. Car batteries usually have six individual cells that contain lead plate... Read More »

How to Use Voltmeters to Monitor Auto Batteries?

Many people know that proper maintenance of an automobile is important, but the battery in the vehicle is often overlooked. It is good practice to keep an eye on the condition of your automobile ba... Read More »