Types of Assessment & Evaluation?

Answer Assessment is the driving force behind instruction. Assessment tells a teacher if instructional objectives are being met, or how well a teacher's instruction is working. Teachers use assessment to ... Read More »

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How to Distinguish Between Assessment & Evaluation?

The words assessment and evaluation are sometimes used interchangeably. However, each word has a slightly different meaning, especially when your teacher or employer uses them. Both an assessment a... Read More »

Assessment Components for a Comprehensive Evaluation?

From the first moments of our infancy, when we are submitted to evaluations designed to assess our health, we are faced with a variety of evaluations throughout our lives. In school, we are subject... Read More »

Assessment & Evaluation in Middle Schools?

As students near the end of their middle school years, teachers must find ways to assess and evaluate their progress and their readiness for high school. Middle school students are assessed and eva... Read More »

Types of Evaluation Methodology?

According to A Dictionary of Sociology, it's only since the 1960s that evaluation research has become a field of its own. It also describes evaluation research as "a type of policy research devoted... Read More »