Types of Articulation Evaluations?

Answer Articulation is the portion of language that addresses the way that sounds are made in speech. Children who have trouble articulating will distort, delete or substitute sounds while speaking. Paren... Read More »

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Types of Bone Articulation?

An articulation is the place where two or more bones meet. Bone articulations consist of three types. Fibrous articulations are composed of fibrous connective tissue---some are slightly moveable, b... Read More »

Types of Psychiatric Evaluations?

Psychiatric evaluations are the mental health equivalent of a physical exam with a physician. Such evaluations are performed by psychiatrists to assess a person's mental status, thought processes, ... Read More »

Types of Psychological Evaluations?

Psychological evaluations are valuable diagnostic tools. Mental health professionals use psychological evaluations to diagnose and treat patients. It is important to note that psychological evaluat... Read More »

Types of Educational Evaluations?

Depending on the concern, various types of educational evaluations are available in school. Evaluations can be based on referrals from district staff -- such as teachers -- and parents. Suspected a... Read More »