Types of Activities for Lesson Plans?

Answer Reading from the textbook and lecturing in front of the class are integral aspects of teaching, but not the only or most inspiring ways to educate students. Students at all grade levels can benefit... Read More »

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Types of Lesson Plans?

Lesson plans are an essential component of a successful teaching experience. These plans help ensure that all standards and materials are covered, providing a teacher and students with structure fo... Read More »

Lesson Plans on Types of Pollution?

Children are exposed to media reports of pollution on a regular basis, but many have never had an overview of what pollution is and what they can do about it. Pollution lesson plans can include exp... Read More »

Types of Government Lesson Plans?

Teachers employ a number of methods in instructing students about the purpose and role of government. The study of government prepares students to properly exercise their rights as citizens. The fo... Read More »

Different Types of Formative Assessment in Lesson Plans?

Assessment in general comes in three varieties: diagnostic, formative and summative. Diagnostic assessments test a student's current abilities without any preparation on the part of the student, ma... Read More »