Type of Paint for an Aluminum Porch?

Answer The most important aspect of painting an aluminum porch is preparation and priming. Good preparation and priming will create a surface to which the paint will adhere. Additionally, good preparation... Read More »

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Porch flooring what type of wood is best for out door porch that won't bleed sap?

Maintaining the original design and integrity of your home is important, and for many homes, that starts on the front porch.If you are looking for a "real" wood option, you can guarantee high maint... Read More »

Do fixed aluminum porch awnings need support?

Smaller awnings come with a support built into them. For larger awnings that cover entire porches, you should support the far end to prevent it from caving in with heavy snow or rain.References:Hom... Read More »

Ideas for Turning an Aluminum Porch into a Room?

A porch can be a troublesome area to decorate. Sitting outside with the peace and quiet of nature is a dream for some people, but others think being bitten by bugs and dealing with the intemperanc... Read More »

What Type of Aluminum Goes Into a Welded Aluminum Boat?

Boats are made of many materials including wood, fiberglass, steel, and aluminum. Wood was used for thousands of years until iron and steel ships came along in the 19th century. Fiberglass and alum... Read More »