Type of Paint for Basement Floors?

Answer Basement floors are made functional and attractive with a bit of paint. Concrete floor paint can help waterproof your basement floor and is nontoxic when dry. These paints make the floor easier to ... Read More »

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How do I paint basement floors?

Prepare the Concrete FloorExamine the concrete floor to ensure that it is free of grease or oil stains and is moisture free. If there are any moisture problems, contact a waterproofing professional... Read More »

How to Put Hardwood Floors in the Basement?

Basement floors are almost always concrete slabs, which complicates things if you want to lay a hardwood floor, since you can't nail it down. The alternative method is to glue it down, which is a v... Read More »

How to Fix Leaky Basement Floors?

Leaky basement floors can make a basement unlivable. With leaks in your basement it is almost impossible to place furniture or any type of flooring over the concrete floor. Leaky basements can also... Read More »

How do I stain basement floors?

Apply StainClean the floor thoroughly using a broom, and mop the floor if necessary. Allow the concrete to thoroughly dry before attempting to stain it. Apply the acid stain to a spray bottle, and ... Read More »