Type of Energy Stored Within an Atom?

Answer In his Special Theory of Relativity, Albert Einstein said that mass and energy are equivalent and can be converted to one another. This is where the expression E = mc^2 comes from, in which E stand... Read More »

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What type of energy is stored in coal?

Coal contains potential energy, which is stored in the bonds of its atoms. Coal is burned to release this chemical energy as heat. The heat energy is quantified in British thermal units. A British ... Read More »

What type of energy is stored in natural gas?

Natural gas contains potential chemical energy. That energy can be released by combustion and is given off as heat which can be harnessed to do useful things such as heat buildings or generate elec... Read More »

What happens when an atom releases nuclear particles&energy?

A radioactive atom is unstable, and it will break apart, releasing nuclear particles and energy. Isotopes having a higher proton-to-neutron ratio tend to be most unstable due to the repulsive force... Read More »

What is the number of electrons in the outermost energy level of an oxygen atom?

An oxygen atom has six electrons in its outermost energy level. The atom has two energy levels and a total electron count of eight, with two found in the first energy level.Source:ChemicalElements.... Read More »