Type of Dried Corn Required for Making Tortillas?

Answer When Americans think about eating corn, it's generally in the form of fresh ears. Those varieties are carefully bred to produce plump, sweet, juicy kernels when harvested immature. For most other c... Read More »

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How To Warm Corn Tortillas?

Corn tortillas, made from corn flour, are a staple used in Mexican dishes such as tacos and enchiladas. Warming the corn tortilla enhances the flavor. The tortillas require a small amount of water ... Read More »

How to Make Corn Tortillas?

Fresh corn tortillas are a snap to make. Try using a tortilla press, if you can find one.Corn tortillas, made fresh, are tender and flavorful. They also couldn't be easier: masa harina and water. Y... Read More »

Hummus and corn tortillas - a good combination?

Make some power "supreme nachos":Bake the corn tortilla chips until crunchy, chop up "nachos" style veggies like tomatoes (green and red sound good), onions, jalapenos, purchase frozen falafels fro... Read More »

How do you make corn tortillas taste good?

Well now I know what ballsac tastes like. Tortillas are bland. The better handmade ones are a texture, but not flavor experience. You have to put something on or in a tortilla. The tortilla is basi... Read More »