Tying to choose camcorder. Canon hv20 or Canon hg10. Mini dv or hardrive?

Answer You will keep losing tapes and DVDs if you are not very disciplined about maintaining them and organize them carefully.But, the major problem with hard drive camcorders? You are completely dependen... Read More »

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What are the differences in the Canon HG10 and the Canon HV20?

well hg20 is better than it since it came out after hg10 so its most likely more advanced

What are opinions about Canon HG10 camcorder?

It's an overall nicely put together pro-sumer (not quite professional, not quite consumer) camcorder. The decision reallyl lies in two things. Do you want to be able to shoot in slow-motion, and wh... Read More »

How to Save Video From a Canon HG10 Camcorder to a CD-R?

If you have been shooting video or capturing pictures with the Canon HG10 camcorder, then you can use your computer to back the files up to a blank CD or DVD. This is useful because it allows you t... Read More »

Can a Canon HV20 use mini DV tapes?

According to Canon, the HV20 High Definition Camcorder can use standard Mini DV tapes. However, because this is a high definition recorder it is recommended that HDDV tapes are used. Each High Defi... Read More »