Two words to keep me going through a tough day!!!!!!!!?

Answer S H I TH A P P E N S

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How do you make your avatar on IMVU keep going through poses?

Well first you go to (Shopping) then (browse) then once the page has loaded up just click avatars. and then those are the poses that make u move by its self. (: (I USED TO HAVE THIS SAME PROBLEMaahaha

Where does the electricity off the train lines go .... why do they keep it going through the night?

I just spent the day on an overhead line car, doing maintenance of overhead trolley wire with the 600V power on. The line car needs the 600V power to move around. The car and platform are made of ... Read More »

What are Swiss German slang words that mean "tough"?

Tough guy: knall I love Switzerland, very beautiful; by the way most Germans and Swiss speak English that I've met the 20+ times I've been there.

How to Get Through a Tough Class?

Think you have a tough class on your hands? And an even tougher teacher? Just read the following and you will be able to pass ALL aspects of a hard class.