Two virus scanners... only ONE finding TROJANS!?

Answer In most of the government, McAfee Virus Protection is used. While anything you feel good is usable you should never run two Virus Detection programs on a computer. The problem you can run into an... Read More »

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(military virus scanner) need help on virus scanners?

Hahahaha.... do you think your friend would know what the MOD uses in there computers? im sure not my friend, because i bloody dont! and im sure its a bigger secret than you think.Just emagine, you... Read More »

My computer just said I have trojans and that I need to download it's program right away, is this is virus?

Yes that was the trojan. Do not EVER click on something that says it has scaned your computer, unless you have told it to scan and know exactly what the program is. There are many fake antivirus pr... Read More »

I have AVG Anti-Virus, and I guess my computer has 156 Trojans, only 77 were found..?

Well' I can tell you this. It is possible to have 156 trojans on your machine and it still start up and run. It might not run right but it will run. Mine' Back in the day before i finally opened up... Read More »

Virus Scanners?

get avg 8.0 free edition and spybot search and destroy