Two virus scanner installed in your computer...?

Answer Hi AngelGet rid of them and get one good one only. They will conflict at one point and each of them may not offset the other.Get AVAST. It is free and performs perfectly without the need for other ... Read More »

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Good virus scanner i have a computer virus!!?

SPYBOT SEARCH AND DESTROY hope that helps you it did me.

I just plugged in my canon scanner and installed it into my computer or something but it still isnt working?

Have you connected the USB cable from the Scanner to the USB port on your computer? If not then the scanner isn't connected to your computer and that is why you cannot use it. If it is and you have... Read More »

Is it good to have 2 anti virus scanners installed on a computer?

That is not good. Uninstall Norton, I am surprised you haven't run into any problems already. Usually only large corporations feel the need to have the extra protection of multiple virus protecti... Read More »

BenQ Scanner 5000- The computer reads that hardware is installed but it will not connect to the software.?

1/ Make sure you have the correct driver: (What version of Windows do you have? Is it fully updated?)…Download it again just to be sure2/ uninstall any Ben... Read More »