Two part question about tequila?

Answer 1. yes2. give it to me I'll test it out

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TV Part name question..?

im sure if you take it to them and explain the problem, the techs there won't tell you something its not b/c you are female. just explain to them the problem and they should be able to figure out t... Read More »

How to Use Part of the Question in Your Answer?

Using part of the question in your answer is advice regularly given to students. One reason students don't receive a higher grade is because they don't follow directions--even when directions are i... Read More »

I have question about a part that came with my PC case?

it's not strictly necessary, but what it is is your bios allows the motherboard to save all of your bios settings.if you lose power, knock out the cord, or move the computer (unplugging ... Read More »

This question is about Apple part numbers...?

Usually a part that is set to two different speeds would have 2 different part numbers, one for each speed.Since it's Apple, I would suggest you contact the manufacturer either through the website ... Read More »