Two of my good friends are hardcore vegans, and they look like death?

Answer is not normal because as i know vegans can be healthy if they will eat the correct diet. Unless the people which you know doesn't eat the correct amount of vegetables,fruits and grains in a day and... Read More »

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In toothpastes like aquafresh, how do they keep the colors all separate so that they look like stripes?

I don't know if this is correct for Aquafresh, but most manufacturers follow the technique outlined on page 14 of this link:… I wanted to copy it, but it ... Read More »

Are cloned phones decent Are they the cheap plastic with rubbish software because judging by the pricesit looks like they could be Or are they good and are a good bargain?

Really big bug bites they look like they could be mosquito but they are much bigger I have 5 of them?

How to Look Like a Death Eater?

No one who has looked into the world of Harry Potter can possibly have missed the wonderful gang that is the Death Eaters. Aren't we all fascinated by their dark and sinister apparel? Anyway, here'... Read More »