Two Way Radio Dispatching Procedures?

Answer Two-way radios are used for dispatching by many different organizations, from taxi services to police departments to plumbing companies. When a call for services is received by the dispatcher, he u... Read More »

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Any videos or software that will help me on my new Train Dispatching job?…This is a basic train dispatching game. I believe it is based on digicon. Just remember when Dispatching keep your head clear or you will get overwhelme... Read More »

Are there procedures for military units for radio comms to units from different governments?

It depends on the unit and nation in question. If it's an ally, typically there are already specific procedures and Allied frequencies to communicate on. For unknown or hostile units which might ne... Read More »

When will we be able to hear both xm radio and sirus radio on the same radio?

Idk, but as i was on a trip in the car, i was vaugely listening to a report that i think said Siruis and XM were going to join, but idk if it is true... and i beilive the name for the combined comp... Read More »

Are u able to get a cop radio or ambulence radio to channel 1-22 on regular radio?

You mean regular am/fm broadcast radio?.... Nope......Or do you mean on one of these 22 channel FRS / GMRS radios?..... They are not supposed to be on these channels but I have heard them here........ Read More »