Two Physical Properties of Metals?

Answer There are certain physical properties that are unique to metals, as opposed to nonmetals and metalloids. Because metals are strongly bonded together, they have high melting and boiling points. Met... Read More »

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How to Study the Chemical Properties of Transition Metals?

The chemical and physical properties of the transition metals are discussed in this article.

Difference in Properties of Main Group & Transition Metals?

The periodic table of the elements is divided into nine groups of elements, based on a number of different characteristics. Among these groups are the transition metals and main group metals. Main ... Read More »

Physical Properties of Vegetable Oil?

The term vegetable oil refers to any plant-derived fat. Since these fats are liquid at room temperature, they are called oils. There are many types of vegetable oils used in a wide range of applica... Read More »

Benzene Physical Properties?

Benzene, a compound central to the modern understanding of organic chemistry, has a unique and distinctive chemical structure consisting of six carbon atoms bonded in an aromatic ring, each bonded ... Read More »