Two Moms, One Family?

Answer A visual merchandise manager supervisor, or VMMS, typically works in a sales environment, such as a department store, boutique, furniture store or mass-market retail outlet. Such stores employ thes... Read More »

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Any other moms nursing siblings How to deal with a family that's against it?

I've tandem nursed and 'tri-tandem' nursed my kiddos as well... but I had no *open* hostility to it so I can't help much there. I can say all my kids are happy and healthy... I was never short of ... Read More »

A few curious questions about Cave-moms (prehistoric moms). How do you think their mothering style was like?

-If there was pain, they probably just dealt with it, because really what else could they do?-If they couldn't breastfeed, they probably found another nursing mother to wet nurse, or the baby would... Read More »

Breast feeding moms- why do u criticize moms who formula feed?

I've been breastfeeding my son for 9 months and I don't believe I've ever given anyone a guilt trip for formula feeding. As for those breastfeeding mom's that do....ignore them! Believe it or not, ... Read More »

SAHM moms,working moms, opinions please!?

I don't really agree with that. WIC, maybe just to help buy groceries, but I don't agree with people getting money to spend on whatever. I would like to think that the majority of people who get ... Read More »