Two Different Processes of Adaptation?

Answer Adaptation is the primary driving force of evolution, as it is the process through which an organism gains a trait that helps it survive. An adaptation is deemed successful if the organism passes i... Read More »

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How do energy companies provide different households with Gas electricity Different companies different prices etc even though same lines underground for all houses?

Answer Sorry! You ae going to get ripped. There is no way to get it for less unless you instll a wood stove and heater.

Importance of Adaptation?

Adaptation is essential in order to to survive and move ahead in the world. The ability to adapt to people, situations and surroundings affords people a greater opportunity to get what they want an... Read More »

Mangroves Adaptation?

Mangroves create some of the richest ecosystems in the world. Their favored coastal habitats are often harsh, storm-wracked and oxygen-deficient, but they manage to flourish through unique adaptati... Read More »

Forms of Adaptation?

One of the most important aspects of the theory of evolution is adaptation. Adaptation is the process through which a species gains either a physical characteristic or a habit that allows them to b... Read More »