Twizzlers or Snickers Is one better?

Answer SNICKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Where can i buy pink licorice or twizzlers?

You can at Walmart in he candy isle, but usually you have to buy the complete rainbow pack..

Can you gain weight eating twizzlers?

If you don't use the calories from the twizzlers then yes. If your goal is to gain weight there are much better options such as peanut butter sandwiches

Facebook: I am 12 weeks and craving twizzlers?

Raising awareness for what? If you say breast cancer I'll slap you. There is no one on this planet who isn't aware of breast cancer.

How to Eat a Snickers Bar?

Snickers is a bar owned by the Mars Family. Snickers were originally sold under the name Marathon until 1990. Snickers now make energy bars too.