Twitter and tweeting celebs?


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How to Find Celebs on Twitter?

You made a twitter account and now you want to find out how to find you're favorite celebrities to follow, here's how: it's super easy.

Where is the video of Craig Ferguson tweeting ahmadinejad?

He flew by in a blimp so nobody could see or remember the date.

How to Make a Tweeting Bird in a Cage from Plastic Straws?

This delightful and very clever straw art depicts a tweeting bird in a cage. You can make it in any color, and if you make it in blue, you could even use it for a Twitter icon!The tweeting bird and... Read More »

How to Reduce Your Word Count when Tweeting from wikiHow?

Twitter is a lot of fun. You can share sites, information, or your thought of the moment. However, you are restricted to 140 characters or less, so you'll want to reduce your word count to make it ... Read More »