Twitching when trying to sleep?

Answer Thats really bad for you.It would be better, if you ask a doctor.Best wishes!

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My eye keep twitching, why?

Twitching in my arm. Help?

Give this man a prize!!! I would lay off the games a bit and do some house chores or other physical activity. The twitching should stop and your mind will be more relaxed.

Why does my right eye keep twitching?

my eye was doing it all this morning-you need sleep. I drank coffee and it went a away (obviously cause of the caffine). So if you don't have time to sleep, drink some coffee but a word of caution... Read More »

I've been having twitching?

A magnesium deficiency can cause twitching as in…80% of the adult population does not consume the recommended daily amount of magnesium.