Twinkies Cup Cakes Or Fruit Pies Which Hostess Pastry is your favorite ?

Answer Twinkies,dipped in Cool Whip!!!!

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Twinkies Cup Cakes Or Fruit Pies Which from this list do you like better?

Yummy! I would pick Cupcakes! I love them with plain milk! I have tasted the strawberries ones and their good but, chocolate is better! ☺

Pies or cakes,which is your favorite?

cheese cake with strawberry topping very yummy

What are your top 3 favorite Cakes/Pies?

1. Apple Pie.2. Cheesecake3. Chocolate cake

How to Make Hostess Twinkies?

Twinkies has been famous for decades. It's also a favorite snack on road trips and after-school treats. The gooey filling and sponge-cake covering makes Twinkies popular.