Tv with no static sound when coming to a blank station?

Answer A part of that 'annoying buzz' is the background radiation from the creation of the universe.All modern LCD or plasma TV's are silent while displaying that static of an un-tuned station AFAIK.

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My directv receiver has stopped producing actual sound, instead only the sound of static. How do I fix this?

when does it do this , for tv , radio , aux .? check connections you might have aloose connection to ur tv or something ,, MABYE

Facebook is coming up as a blank screen?

Static coming from home audio speakers ?

Your problem is due to a lot of factors 1.) Improper wiring of the speakers; 2.) poor shielding and lack of protection in the internal amplifier of the unit 3.) mismatch of the speaker Impedance 4.... Read More »

Static from 7.1 surround sound?

It could be poor cables or the input for the headphones on the receiver may be faulty, if it is still under warranty you should have it looked at.