Tv loses picture from time to time?

Answer well not sure if this might help but here we go,ok if your tv set is losing picture from time to time then it might be best that you get in touch with the people that made your tv set and if you ge... Read More »

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There was a hip-hop song on ESPN's college football live. It's your time it's our time it's my time get out of the way it's crunch time don't waste time. Who sings it?

Scanning Pictures 5 at a time, is there a way I can edit a picture one at a time?

NO, anything you want to edit you must scan separately

Explain p-time and m-time how do the high-context or low-context cultures affect p-time and m-time?

the commander in chief is the highest ranking of the chain of command of every military service. That is actually the President.

1648 hours in military time is what time in normal time?