Tv has no headphone socket?

Answer What you can do is:1. Get an electronics engineer to fit one (could cost a fair bit)2. Buy another TV with a socket for headphones3. Give up and listen to the built-in speakers

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What is a headphone socket used for?

Can speakers go into a headphone socket?

They were not designed to be used that way so don't do it! Speakers have a much lower impedance than headphones so your MP3 player, DVD player (or whatever device it is that just has headphone sock... Read More »

Can speakers go into a headphone socket on a laptop?

Depends on the specific models that are being compared

How can i remove headphone socket on iPod nano 4th Gen?

You can either get it from Best Buy, or Electronic Fries and if you can't find it you can either find it at any store that sells electronic stuff.