Tutorial on VoIP Configuration?

Answer If you have friends and family who live far away, or if you need to make international calls to conduct business overseas, international calling rates can take a toll on your budget, and prevent yo... Read More »

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PC configuration vs PS3?

the pc is far more powerful both in grapphics and in performance but since pc usually have a lot of multitasking behind any games, performance usually decreases a lot, this is where consoles excel,... Read More »

Regarding house what do you mean by re-configuration?

Yes it means to change the floor plan of a house or to change the floor plan of a house you are designing. If the kitchen in an exsisting home were too small you might take out a dinningroom wall t... Read More »

How to Use an LCD TV As a Monitor Configuration?

Now that LCDs, or liquid crystal displays, have become one of a few choices in the large-screen high-definition television market, you may want to connect your computer to your large screen LCD tel... Read More »

What is CPU socket configuration?

Many types of socket configurations are made by different processor manufacturers. Central Processing Unit (CPU) sockets are made of metal and plastic, and have many small holes into which the CPU ... Read More »