Turning the Curriculum Into a Lesson Plan?

Answer Turning a curriculum into a lesson plan can be a challenge especially if you are a novice teacher. A curriculum is a guideline that is usually provided by the state which is meant to inform teache... Read More »

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How to Create a Curriculum Web With Lesson Plans for Preschoolers?

A preschool curriculum web does not resemble a traditional, linear lesson plan. Instead, the web contains one central theme or broad main idea with several branches coming from it. Those branches, ... Read More »

Is religion taught as a lesson in america's public schools curriculum?

Some U.S. public schools incorporate the study of religion as part of a social studies curriculum. A comparative study of religion—not religious indoctrination—helps to broaden students' unders... Read More »

How to Plan a Creative Curriculum?

The curriculum refers to the standards that students must achieve throughout the school year. Each grade level involves different concepts that the students need to learn. The concepts relate to ea... Read More »

How to Make a Five Lesson Plan?

Making a five-lesson plan is rather like constructing a mini-unit. Doing lessons in a block encourages development of a comprehensive plan that incorporates an overview, while still recognizing the... Read More »