Turn tv into monitor?

Answer We'll get you an answer when you have the common sense to post what you have for a PC.Edit: Well that narrows it down to only a couple hundred different computers! Post the damn make and model duh.

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How do I turn my laptop monitor into my desktop monitor?

Sorry, not possible... Internally, laptop displays might use LVDS or eDisplayport, but, still, it's only meant for embedded and industrial PCs. don't even think about it, unless you're really good ... Read More »

How to Turn a CRT Monitor Into a TV?

If you have an old CRT monitor collecting dust, you can turn it into a TV for less than the cost of purchasing a new television. Typically, older CRT monitors only have a VGA input, so you'll need ... Read More »

How do i turn my monitor into a mirror?

How can i turn my laptop monitor into a mirror?

try polishing the mirror and then scan it again, scanning my mirror worked for me!