Turn ons and Turn offs for guys?

Answer I'm 14 so yeah... xDTurn Offs:Sluts that wear short clothingBitchyLazy ._.Super short hair that makes them look like a lesbianTurn Ons:Girls that are themselves and not trying to be someone they ar... Read More »

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GUYS: biggest turn ons & turn offs for a girl ?

I like it when a girl is nice to me/flirts with me/shows that she likes me. I hate it when a girl acts like a "b" word, has an attitude, is rude, and is contantly putting me down. Please rate if th... Read More »

Guys, what are some automatic turn ons and turn offs?

For turn on's: (because men are primarily visual creatures) Lingerie, sexy sweet nothings, short skirts/shorts, shirts that expose a lot of cleavage- preferably very loose so when you bend over we ... Read More »

TH Family: Turn ons & turn offs?

I agree with you, Bill's hairy arms and legs are so extremely hot XD..and that picture you posted with his legs...I think that's the first time I've ever seen Bill's legs and feet bare o.O BUT I'm... Read More »

Girls: guys with piercings turn on or turn off?

deff a TURN ON!!!!but deff depends on the guy.if they are some ugly lil scrub ewlll.but if they are some hot sexy scene guy thenfriiick yes its a turn on! (: