Turn off alarm on Athletic Works Sports watch?

Answer If it's simply the alarm (I'm not certain how to turn off the hourly beep), all you have to do is press the 2 buttons on the right side of the watch simultaneously. You should hear a beep and notic... Read More »

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I have an Athletic-Works watch that is set to 24 hour time, How do I change it back to 12 hour time?

The AW watch I have is set by pressing the "mode key" button on the lower left three times. It goes from stop watch to alarm to time set. At the time set mode, press the right hand reset button tw... Read More »

Instructions for Setting an Athletic Works Wristwatch?

Digital watches, like the Athletic Works wristwatch, are convenient timekeepers for today's busy lifestyle. The Athletics Works watch, which is sold at Walmart stores and online, does more than jus... Read More »

Requirements for a Sports Team Athletic Trainer?

Athletic training is a job that comes with lots of responsibilities. An athletic trainer is usually the first person on scene to evaluate an emergency situation and make split-second decisions. The... Read More »

When ever i watch videos on chrome they lag like **** but works fine when I watch them on Internet explorer?

Check your video card drivers also enable hardware acceleration but UpDate your video card drivers.