Turbo vs Supercharger?

Answer Rome had the Gladius, Ghengis had the re-curved bow, and Truman had the A-bomb. In recent years, the automotive aftermarket has experienced just such a revolution in weapons-grade power-adders, wi... Read More »

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What is the difference between a supercharger and a turbo?

Turbochargers can fit on any engine type, given the use of the appropriate exhaust manifold and a decompressed engine block. However, the turbo must be sized properly according to the application. ... Read More »

Supercharger Vs. Turbo Driving Styles?

While most motors suck air and fuel in, supercharges and turbochargers force air into the motor, creating more power. A supercharged motor is easier to drive because it gives the motor a power gain... Read More »

Can i combine supercharger with twin turbo?

Almost nobody combines turbos and superchargers. Turbos have lag, and superchargers don't. Either system can be geared to produce the boost pressure you want. Turbos heat up a lot and need hardw... Read More »

Difference Between Turbo & Supercharger Efficiency?

Car enthusiasts generally believe that forced induction (turbo- and super-charging) is better than natural aspiration. Opinions differ as to which one gives you the biggest bang for the buck on eff... Read More »