Tungsten Carbide Cutting Tools?

Answer The quality of a cutting tool can determine whether cuts will be smooth and clean or difficult and sloppy. A metal cutting tool's quality begins with the hardness and durability of its metal. Accor... Read More »

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What is tungsten carbide used for?

Tungsten carbide is mainly used to make tools for cutting, metalworking, construction, mining and drilling oil and gas. The element continues to gain popularity in the wedding industry, as a trendy... Read More »

Can you cut tungsten carbide?

According to Federal Carbide, a manufacturer and reseller of tungsten carbide, alloyed tungsten carbide must be cut using diamond wheels. Conventional machining methods don't work because the metal... Read More »

What is the hardness of tungsten carbide?

Tungsten carbide is an inorganic carbon compound that is well known for its density, durability and hardness. It is gray, often with a slight blueish or white tint, and is primarily used in mechani... Read More »

Can tungsten carbide rings be cut off?

A tungsten carbide ring can be cut off if necessary and is no more challenging to remove than a gold or platinum ring. In addition, tungsten carbide can be fractured into pieces using vice grip pli... Read More »