Tundra Climate Facts?

Answer The tundra is a unique climate region (or biome) on Earth, characterized by its cold, dessicated climate and harshness to living things. Alpine and Antarctic tundra are rarer, and the arctic tundra... Read More »

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What is the climate in the tundra?

Cold temperatures and low precipitation levels characterize the climate of tundra biomes. Even in the summer, the temperature does not rise above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Few trees grow in the tundra... Read More »

Is the tundra a hot or cold climate?

Of all the biomes, tundras exhibit the coldest temperatures. Though few trees can tolerate the low temperatures, many short-growing plants resist the harsh climate. The tundra divides into two dist... Read More »

What Is the Average Rainfall for a Tundra Climate?

The average rainfall for a tundra climate is less than 20 cm (or 8 inches) a year. This type of biome climate is extremely dry and cold, with windy, desert-like weather conditions. The tundra clima... Read More »

Facts About Climate Change & Global Warming?

Environmental scientists sometimes talk about the phenomenon of global warming. Global warming, which is also known as climate change, is the gradual raising of the average temperature on the Eart... Read More »