Tumblr url helpp PLEASE HELP?

Answer Visit, you will get creative tumblr url

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I don't know your blog html so try to edit html, press ctrl + f and type in "http://[insert blog name here]" and replace that with "http://[insert blog name here]".

Some tumblr help please :)?

gonna have to block or tell herface the facts

Tumblr account help please?

If you had an additional Group Blog that other users were a part of, it will still remain there and you will be removed from it.If you are talking about Google still pulling up your old blog, Googl... Read More »

Tumblr page, help please!?

1. Tag all of your themes with the "theme" tag1. Tag all of the art you ever make under the "art" tag2. Go to your description box (might be bio) about the blog)) on the customize settings tab3. Ty... Read More »