Tumblr tumblah domain not working?

Answer Hey!Then you either haven't created it successfully or that Tumblah site is not working at the moment. It could be that it never works, try creating another domain and see if it works or not, if it... Read More »

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How to change your tumblr url to tumblah?

How to Use a Custom Domain Name on Tumblr?

Are you starting to get Tumblr famous enough to warrant your very own domain name, but you don't know what to do next? No problem--this article will show you how to register for and use a custom do... Read More »

How to Connect Tumblr to Your Domain?

Having your own domain name means that you can say "Visit my blog at" instead of "Visit my blog at" Although you have to purchase a domain name from a Web hosting comp... Read More »

Tumblr ask not working?

Well maybe the code on her ask is not working ):you could always put this on your url bar to talk to herit should direct you there I wasn't much help :(