Tumblr question on gifs?

Answer If you are talking about making your own gifs, there are lots of apps and websites that can help with this.Try this one for instance. It is free.

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Where can I make gifs for my tumblr?

Why won't my .gifs on Tumblr work?

There are certain requirements for .gifs on Tumblr, unfortunately :/For one, the .gif has to be under 500x500. And secondly the .gif must be under 500 KB. If your .gif is larger than these two requ... Read More »

Keep on uploading small gifs to tumblr...?

uhm are you uploading it as a text post or as a photo? it's probably your set up thing. hard to explain. are all the pics on your dashboard small or is it just your gifs? or it's size must shrink t... Read More »

How to ask a question on tumblr?

I understand you! :DAll you have to do is go to any of your posting options (Text, Photo, etc.) then just type in whatever question you have. Make sure you add your question mark, of course! Then o... Read More »