Tumblr page, help please!?

Answer 1. Tag all of your themes with the "theme" tag1. Tag all of the art you ever make under the "art" tag2. Go to your description box (might be bio) about the blog)) on the customize settings tab3. Ty... Read More »

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Tumblr page/linking customizing help?

you have to go to the a theme maker's theme page, if they make theme pages then it will say theme pages or pages. Find a page that you want, copy the html. Go to customize theme, go all the way dow... Read More »

Some tumblr help please :)?

gonna have to block or tell herface the facts

Tumblr url helpp PLEASE HELP?

Visit, you will get creative tumblr url

Please help me figure out Tumblr?

to message someone you can either go on their blog and look for a link that might say"msg" or "message" or "ask" or "ask me anything" and click that or you can just go to the persons url and type /... Read More »