Tumblr not working almost all day December 5 2010?

Answer its down due to an issue with the database and what sucks is they dont tell you if they cant fix it with in their 'work day' it gets left till over night because all the techs go home after their s... Read More »

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Is Facebook not working December 16, 2010?

Same problem. I'm sure the server is down. But i'm also sure you've heard that already in your answers. >.>

How much will the iPhone be in December 2010?

Usually they have none. They are wifi though if it is internet that you need.

What are December 2010 army promotion scores?

They come out Oct 26th... I was under the impression they come out Oct 22nd..

What is the cutting score for a 3531 in December 2010?

The cutting score for active corporal is 1583 active sergeant is 1823