Tumblr blogging ideas, anyone?

Answer Follow a lot of blogs that posts post that you like!Also talk to people you follow/follow you. You can make great friends on tumblr! I've made a few. =)

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New tumblr url ideas?

find your favorite love song and use a short quote from it :)

Any Ideas for a Tumblr name?

Hey!Here are some name suggestions:-- Fashion_Lover-- {Your name}_Loves_Fashion-- {Your username}_Loves_Pink-- {Your name}_Loves_Rainbows-- Rainbow_Lover-- Chocolatex77-- Chocolate_Lover_x67If you ... Read More »

Has anyone got some tumblr url ideas for me?

maybe theblack-abyss ? darken-the-clouds, darkened-clouds , i dont know i'm tired, its 4AM. xD lolol. i have a tumblr too. c: i'm kitty-whiskers , i followed you by the way, i need more black & whi... Read More »

Tumblr Username Ideas?

you could go on peoples blog and ask them if you can have any of their saved URLs I'm sure they'll be willing to do so