Answer login to your dashboardunder where it says dashboard and the name of your blog, click customize(or account>preferences>customize)click info, and where it says portrait photo, browse to a new photo... Read More »

Top Q&A For: Tumblr (PLEASE ANSWER)

Tumblr URL 10 points best answer!!?

Which tumblr url (if you answer, ill follow you)?

palm-woodI deleted my Tumblr and making a new one but for now just sub my youtube If you know anything about Sony Vegas can you answer my newest questions?Than... Read More »

How to Delete an Answer on Tumblr?

Tumblr answers (or "notes" as they're more frequently called) are Tumblr's flavor of blog comments. A user who wants to leave a message on another user's Tumblr blog post can either leave a note or... Read More »

TUMBLR - Is it possible to publish a private answer?

It depends on the user's privacy settings.